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Our Story

Bringing our art to you, one bird at a time!

Our journey into crafting PVC yard art began with a simple love for recycling old materials and the determination to save them from ending up in landfills and the ocean. It all started one afternoon when we stumbled upon a discarded pile of PVC pipes in the backyard of our new home. Rather than seeing them as trash, we saw potential. Our first creation was a small PVC bird, and as we crafted it, we realized that repurposing these materials not only benefited the environment but also brought a sense of fulfillment and calm to our life. It became our therapy, and a creative outlet that allowed us to channel our emotions into something beautiful. With each piece we created, our passion for PVC art grew. We soon found ourselves setting up shop at local craft fairs and markets, sharing our love for recycling and the soothing power of creativity. Little did we know that our newfound passion would evolve into a family business. As the demand for our PVC yard art grew, more family joined in the creative process. It became a bonding experience, bringing us all closer together. Our son, and his cousins all learned the art of crafting and entrepreneurship. Together, we shaped the business, and in the process, helping to nurture the next generation of young entrepreneurs. Today, our PVC yard art business serves as a platform for teaching valuable life skills to our youth. We're proud to inspire the next generation to embrace the joy of creating, the importance of sustainability, and the rewards of entrepreneurship. It's a story of how a simple love for recycling and creativity can turn into a thriving family legacy, one creation at a time.


Introducing Breezy Birds: Bringing Life and Whimsy to Your Garden!

🌼 Lightweight PVC Magic -- Our garden bird decorations are crafted locally with love and care, using lightweight PVC materials. This not only ensures durability but also makes them a breeze to install. You won't break a sweat setting up these charming creatures in your garden.


🌬️ Meet the Breezy Birds -- Named for their delightful habit of swaying gently in the slightest breeze, our Breezy Birds are more than just decorations—they're your garden's new best friends. Their fluid, lifelike movements add an enchanting touch to your outdoor space.


🎨 Colorful Whimsy -- Add a pop of color and a dash of whimsy to your garden, patio, or yard. Breezy Birds come in a variety of vibrant hues, allowing you to choose the perfect companions for your outdoor oasis. From blues to reds to greens, our birds are sure to brighten your day.


😊 Spread Smiles -- It's not just about beautifying your garden; it's about spreading joy. Breezy Birds are conversation starters, and they're guaranteed to make anyone passing by break into a smile. Create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests and neighbors.


🌞 Perfect Year Round --Our Breezy Birds are designed to withstand the elements, making them ideal for all seasons. Whether it's sunny, rainy, or snowy, your garden will always be graced with their enchanting presence.



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